• qllogo-demo-01-basic
  • qllogo-demo-02-link
  • qllogo-demo-03-sitename

  • Logo: whether logo (as image) is displayed or not
  • Image: Select image
  • Height: height via css
  • Width: width via css
  • Float: float left/right/none via css

  • Link: Whether logo is linked to URL root or not; alternativly you can choose another link than the URL of you root.
  • Alternative link: string, target URL you wish

  • Sitename: whether sitename (set ion your J! config) is displayed or not; alternativly you can choose another sitename
  • Alternative sitename: alternative string to be displayed
  • Position: only important if you use logo image AND sitenam; wheteher before or after
  • Font: Font of sitename, use standard webfont or any (google?) webfont; make sure, that you load the font into your template (e. g. with qlgooglefont)
  • Some style settings, params are pretty self-explanatory