• Install module via Extensions>Manage>Install
  • Go to Extensions>Modules>mod_qlicagenda
  • Adjust params (explanation s. below)
  • Save, done
Display #2

  • category: of !cagenda event
  • timeline: future or past events or both
  • order by: startdat, tile or id
  • direction: ascending or descending
  • limit: number of max entries to display

  • tag: tag of list - either ul>li or div>div structure
  • tag of title:
  • date format: default is d.m.Y
  • time format: default is H:i
  • item class: bootstrap class of single item/entry (e. g. span3 or span4)

Select which data is to be displayed; choose when they shall be displayed (as first, second, fourth etc.

  • date, time
  • title
  • short description
  • image
  • readmore

Screenshots of backend administration:

  • 01-qlicagenda
  • 02-qlicagenda
  • 03-qlicagenda