A long way of tests lies behind us. Now at last qlform is compatible to Joomla! captcha plugins. Even the new version of reCaptcha works now. We are very proud of that.

You can add your own validaton if neccessary. The new class modQlformValidation is waiting for your command.

New feature for developers: You can preprocess your data before you use it somewhere. Available are the following methods:

  • formDataBeforeValidation($data)
  • formAndFileDataBeforeValidation($data)
  • beforeBindToForm($data)
  • email($data)
  • database($data)
  • databaseExternal($data)
  • somethingElse($data)
  • completlyDifferent($data)
  • jmessage($data)
  • sendcopy($data)

The data sent by qlform now can be stored in the database as html or json. To achieve this tha messages component is used an inserts the data as a message for a defined user.

This functionality is old though (former name "J! messages"). What is brand-new is that now form field data (e. g. e-mail, name) can be written into subjetc of message. WOW!