{'qlmodule qlmoduleId="HERE_YOUR_MODULE_ID" /} into the article. The module with that very id will be loaded into article.

Setting params:

  • Module params can be set within the tags, e. g. {'qlmodule qlmoduleId="123" user="2" query="SELECT * FROM #__something" /}.
  • In case a module param asks for a linebreak, set a double tilde (~~).
  • If you need a json within param, use param="JSON['first','second']"
  • add alternating variables {qlmodule qlmoduleId="HERE_YOUR_MODULE_ID" codeParams="{'numContactId':'13','strClass':'one_third'}" /}; codeParams can be caught by "$codeParams"

As params can be set - though limitedly - for different callings. E. g. so you need only 1 generated module for 5 callings, just set params within tag.


  • 1
  • Module width id 127, a gallery module, created as a basic scheme;
  • basic setting in module itself
  • overrides (herer path to folder) in actual call by qlmodule plugin: {'qlmodule qlmoduleId="127" codeParams="{'image_folder':'images/_ql_sample/gallery'}" /}