• Plugin parameters
    • category: defines when code is displayed
    • option: defines option when code is displayed (article, blog, list, featured)
  • Content parameters
    • headline: headline above the content
    • text: html content
    • php code: php code used; framework and JText::_() is at your service
  • Position parameters
    • within article: content is display automatically in article
    • vertical: defines vertical position of content
    • horizontal: defines horizontal position of content
    • alternatively set "within article" to "No" and add content via the following tag: {'qlpin} (without ' of course)
  • Styles parameters
    • Span: span/width of content according to bootstrap
    • define content and border
  • Advanced parameters
    • take another layout if you want

Supressing Plugin

Add the tag {'noQlpin} (without ' of course) into you article. qlarticleinsert then will not be used.

Setting / Overriding parameters in tag

Some parameters can be set and overridden within the tag - in case you want to individualize the call.

  • obverriding parameters
    • id
    • class
    • styles
    • layout
  • example
    • {'qlpin} - normal tag
    • {'qlpin id="test" class="testClass" style="background:red;" layout="layoutName"} - overriding tag