• Installation
    • Go to extensions > Extension manager
    • Install extension as usual
  • Activation
    • Go to Extensions > Plugins
    • Seach for "qlscissors"
    • Enable plugins


  • Module
    • Go to Extensions > Modules
    • Generate new module "qlscissors"
    • Put it to the position you desire.
    • Fill the parameter "slot name" e. g. with "sidebar" or "example"
  • Article
    • Go to article, that you wish to cut into pieces.
    • Add the proper syntax - of course without '. (If you have the editor button, just click on the scissors.)
      • {'qlscissors slot="sidebar"} and {'/qlscissors}
      • {'qlscissors slot="example"} and {'/qlscissors}
    • The content inbetween the tags will be cut out of the article and displayed by a module.

Editor button

  • Go to Extensions > Plugins
  • Seach for "qlscissors"
  • Click on it to administrate its parameters.
  • Two ways of working:
    • (a) Oneclick: When set to yes, the syntax is inserted right away when clicking the button. The variable of "slot1" will be used as default value.
    • (b) Otherwise: When clicking on button, a list of possible variables is shown. Their name can be filled into the slot1-5.