This extension bundle displays parts of the article within a module. Thus you can fill article data into sidebar or into header, whereever you like it.

The qlarticle core consists of two extensions:

  • a content plugin to cut the information out of your article
  • a module to display a certain part in a module position. 

Further on there is the editor plugin in the PRO version inserting the qlarticle tag into you article.

Content plugin
Editor button

With tags like {'qlscissors slot="test"} and {'/qlscissors} you can cut the article text into several pieces.

These pieces are deleted from the display in content area.

A mod_qlarticle can "catch" this information if correctly set. So parts of articles can be displayed in right or left column or in header - as you wish.

The module catches data that has be cut from article (see plg_qlarticle tab).

E. g. a mod_qlarticle with the parameter "test" will catch the text/string/image whatever that has been set within the {'qlscissors slot="test"}....{'/qlscissors} tags.

So parts of articles can be displayed in right or left column or in header - a you wish. That proves very useful, as so you can administrate right col and header information via the article displayed:-)

Have fun!

This plugin generates an editor button. By clicking on it, the qlarticle syntax is inserted. The "catches" are customizable.


Hark, hark! In the old times this extension was called qlarticle; now renamed.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consetetur sadipscing elitr, sed diam nonumy eirmod tempor invidunt ut labore et dolore magna aliquyam erat, sed diam voluptua.

{'qlscissors slot="right"}This paragraph is within the article; yet it would be cut from here and displayerd over there, if it wasn't for the ', that make the calling tag invalid:-){'/qlscissors}

Editor button


  • Installation
    • Go to extensions > Extension manager
    • Install extension as usual
  • Activation
    • Go to Extensions > Plugins
    • Seach for "qlscissors"
    • Enable plugins


  • Module
    • Go to Extensions > Modules
    • Generate new module "qlscissors"
    • Put it to the position you desire.
    • Fill the parameter "slot name" e. g. with "sidebar" or "example"
  • Article
    • Go to article, that you wish to cut into pieces.
    • Add the proper syntax - of course without '. (If you have the editor button, just click on the scissors.)
      • {'qlscissors slot="sidebar"} and {'/qlscissors}
      • {'qlscissors slot="example"} and {'/qlscissors}
    • The content inbetween the tags will be cut out of the article and displayed by a module.

Editor button

  • Go to Extensions > Plugins
  • Seach for "qlscissors"
  • Click on it to administrate its parameters.
  • Two ways of working:
    • (a) Oneclick: When set to yes, the syntax is inserted right away when clicking the button. The variable of "slot1" will be used as default value.
    • (b) Otherwise: When clicking on button, a list of possible variables is shown. Their name can be filled into the slot1-5.