qldebug is a package consisting of a system plugin and a module.

(1) system plugin

The system plugin contains all the code for getting the data and has an output as well. As the system plugin is called before website output, the plugin's it will result in a slightly invalid html code; but I think you can live with that. The output will be seated either left or right on the screen. Use additional css commands to place it where you want it.

(2) Module

The module is pure output module. All data is generated by the plugin. So it won't work without the upper plugin. Don't worry: As plugin and module are in the package, you won't even realize the difference.

The module can be placed in any module position; adjust stylesheets if neccessary.

(3) Description of params

Coming soon ...

qldebug is especially for devs working on a website trying to fix it.

Sometimes there is no ftp access, so it is hard to see, what objects are used, what is written in them, if post or session data are existing.

That is when qldebug helps by offering to display following data:

  • $_POST
  • $_GET
  • $_SERVER
  • $_FILES
  • $_COOKIE
  • JInput object
  • JUser object
  • JApplication object
  • info concerning a defined table (columns, data)
  • list of files included

You can choose, if you want to show the data always, only to a user logged in or only to a Super User or not at all.

New ideas


PS: You need/want more options? Just contact me, I'm glad for any new ideas concerning this module:-)